About NTVA

National Tourism Business Association (hereafter referred to as NTVAunites professional inbound, outbound and domestic tourism organizations in Lithuania. NTBA was established in 2011. The inbound and domestic tourism providers are very important to the Lithuanian tourism infrastructure as their activities are crucial both to individual tourists and the country’s policies.


Lithuanian inbound tour operators are the only companies which market, sell and deliver wide ranging tourism products and services to foreign countries. Being among the   first ones to introduce our country’s tourism resources to potential travellers, professional inbound tour operators create a reliable, modern, open and welcoming image of   the country.

Thanks to plentiful experience and contribution of the Lithuanian inbound tourism operators, many foreign tour operators nowadays sell trips to Lithuania to their fellow citizens and advertise Lithuania themselves.
Lithuanian inbound tour operators present and promote tourism to Lithuania. The domestic tour operators work closely with local governments and regional communities   whereby significantly contributing to a growth of number in Lithuanians travelling in their own country every year. By promoting cultural, historical, natural, ethnic and cultural sites, Lithuanian tour operators develop patriotism and love for their home country and create a whole range of opportunities for Lithuanians to get better acquainted with  their own country.
In June 2014 NTVA became a member of ECTAA, the Group of associations of national travel agents and tour operators within the EU. ECTAA actively cooperates with European Union institutions and international organizations to ensure that their interests and special requirements are taken into consideration. 

Business activities of the members of NTVA create a link between the client and the provider of tourism services helping them to work more efficiently, achieve better results and draw in more tourists!